Bedfellow rhymes with:

  • bellow (name) (definition)
    n 1: a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); "his bellow filled the hallway" [syn: bellow, bellowing, holla, holler, hollering, hollo, holloa, roar, roaring, yowl] 2: United States author (born in Canada) whose novels influenced American literature after World War II (1915-2005) [syn: Bellow, Saul Bellow, Solomon Bellow] v 1: shout loudly and without restraint [syn: bawl, bellow] 2: make a loud noise, as of animal; "The bull bellowed" [syn: bellow, roar]
  • bordello (definition)
    n 1: a building where prostitutes are available [syn: whorehouse, brothel, bordello, bagnio, house of prostitution, house of ill repute, bawdyhouse, cathouse, sporting house]
  • cello (name) (definition)
    n 1: a large stringed instrument; seated player holds it upright while playing [syn: cello, violoncello]
  • felloe (definition)
    n 1: rim (or part of the rim) into which spokes are inserted [syn: felloe, felly]
  • fellow (name) (definition)
    n 1: a boy or man; "that chap is your host"; "there's a fellow at the door"; "he's a likable cuss"; "he's a good bloke" [syn: chap, fellow, feller, fella, lad, gent, blighter, cuss, bloke] 2: a friend who is frequently in the company of another; "drinking companions"; "comrades in arms" [syn: companion, comrade, fellow, familiar, associate] 3: a person who is member of one's class or profession; "the surgeon consulted his colleagues"; "he sent e-mail to his fellow hackers" [syn: colleague, confrere, fellow] 4: one of a pair; "he lost the mate to his shoe"; "one eye was blue but its fellow was brown" [syn: mate, fellow] 5: a member of a learned society; "he was elected a fellow of the American Physiological Association" 6: an informal form of address for a man; "Say, fellow, what are you doing?"; "Hey buster, what's up?" [syn: fellow, dude, buster] 7: a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman; "if I'd known he was her boyfriend I wouldn't have asked" [syn: boyfriend, fellow, beau, swain, young man]
  • mellow (definition)
    adv 1: (obsolete) in a mellow manner [syn: mellowly, mellow] adj 1: unhurried and relaxed; "a mellow conversation" [syn: laid-back, mellow] 2: having a full and pleasing flavor through proper aging; "a mellow port"; "mellowed fruit" [syn: mellow, mellowed] 3: having attained to kindliness or gentleness through age and experience; "mellow wisdom"; "the peace of mellow age" [syn: mellow, mellowed] 4: having attained to kindliness or gentleness through age and experience; "mellow wisdom"; "the peace of mellow age" 5: slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana) [syn: high, mellow] v 1: soften, make mellow; "Age and experience mellowed him over the years" 2: become more relaxed, easygoing, or genial; "With age, he mellowed" [syn: mellow, melt, mellow out] 3: make or grow (more) mellow; "These apples need to mellow a bit more"; "The sun mellowed the fruit"
  • schoolfellow (definition)
    n 1: an acquaintance that you go to school with [syn: schoolmate, classmate, schoolfellow, class fellow]
  • violoncello (definition)
    n 1: a large stringed instrument; seated player holds it upright while playing [syn: cello, violoncello]
  • yellow (definition)
    adj 1: of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum; of something resembling the color of an egg yolk [syn: yellow, yellowish, xanthous] 2: easily frightened [syn: chicken, chickenhearted, lily- livered, white-livered, yellow, yellow-bellied] 3: changed to a yellowish color by age; "yellowed parchment" [syn: yellow, yellowed] 4: typical of tabloids; "sensational journalistic reportage of the scandal"; "yellow press" [syn: scandalmongering, sensationalistic, yellow(a)] 5: cowardly or treacherous; "the little yellow stain of treason"-M.W.Straight; "too yellow to stand and fight" 6: affected by jaundice which causes yellowing of skin etc [syn: jaundiced, icteric, yellow] n 1: yellow color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons [syn: yellow, yellowness] v 1: turn yellow; "The pages of the book began to yellow"
  • au (place) (definition)
    n 1: a soft yellow malleable ductile (trivalent and univalent) metallic element; occurs mainly as nuggets in rocks and alluvial deposits; does not react with most chemicals but is attacked by chlorine and aqua regia [syn: gold, Au, atomic number 79] 2: a unit of length used for distances within the solar system; equal to the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun (approximately 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers) [syn: Astronomical Unit, AU]
  • morello (definition)
    n 1: any of several cultivated sour cherry trees bearing fruit with dark skin and juice [syn: morello, Prunus cerasus austera] 2: cultivated sour cherry with dark-colored skin and juice
  • othello (place) (definition)
    n 1: the hero of William Shakespeare's tragedy who would not trust his wife
  • pirandello (definition)
    n 1: Italian novelist and playwright (1867-1936) [syn: Pirandello, Luigi Pirandello]
  • jello (definition)
    n 1: fruit-flavored dessert (trade mark Jell-O) made from a commercially prepared gelatin powder [syn: jello, Jell-O]
  • pomelo (definition)
    n 1: southeastern Asian tree producing large fruits resembling grapefruits [syn: pomelo, pomelo tree, pummelo, shaddock, Citrus maxima, Citrus grandis, Citrus decumana] 2: large pear-shaped fruit similar to grapefruit but with coarse dry pulp [syn: pomelo, shaddock]
  • longfellow (name) (definition)
    n 1: United States poet remembered for his long narrative poems (1807-1882) [syn: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]
  • playfellow (definition)
    n 1: a companion at play [syn: playmate, playfellow]
  • donatello (definition)
    n 1: Florentine sculptor famous for his lifelike sculptures (1386-1466) [syn: Donatello, Donato di Betto Bardi]
  • bargello (definition)
    n 1: needlepoint embroidery stitch that produces zigzag lines [syn: bargello, flame stitch]
  • aux
  • punchinello
  • cabello
  • coelho
  • costello (name)
  • curbelo
  • debello
  • dibello
  • martello (name)
  • mondello
  • novello (name) (place)
  • otello
  • rebello
  • rebelo
  • robello
  • robelo
  • sorbello
  • botshabelo (place)
  • carabello
  • montebello (place)
  • monticello (place)
  • niello
  • blackfellow
  • goodfellow (name)
  • oddfellow
  • uccello (name)
  • ritornello
  • saltarello
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