Early rhymes with:

  • austerely (definition)
    adv 1: in an austere fashion; "the church was austerely simple"
  • beggarly (definition)
    adj 1: marked by poverty befitting a beggar; "a beggarly existence in the slums"; "a mean hut" [syn: beggarly, mean] 2: (used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt [syn: beggarly, mean]
  • bitterly (definition)
    adv 1: with bitterness, in a resentful manner; "she complained bitterly" 2: indicating something hard to accept; "he was bitterly disappointed" 3: extremely and sharply; "it was bitterly cold"; "bitter cold" [syn: piercingly, bitterly, bitingly, bitter]
  • biyearly (definition)
    adv 1: every two years; "this festival takes places biennially" [syn: biennially, biyearly] 2: twice a year [syn: semiannually, biyearly] adj 1: occurring every second year; "they met at biennial conventions" [syn: biennial, biyearly] 2: occurring or payable twice each year [syn: semiannual, biannual, biyearly, half-yearly]
  • brotherly (definition)
    adv 1: (archaic as adverb) in a brotherly manner adj 1: like or characteristic of or befitting a brother; "brotherly feelings"; "close fraternal ties" [syn: brotherly, brotherlike, fraternal] [ant: sisterlike, sisterly, sororal]
  • burly (definition)
    adj 1: muscular and heavily built; "a beefy wrestler"; "had a tall burly frame"; "clothing sizes for husky boys"; "a strapping boy of eighteen"; "`buirdly' is a Scottish term" [syn: beefy, burly, husky, strapping, buirdly]
  • cavalierly (definition)
    adv 1: in a proud and domineering manner; "he treated his staff cavalierly" [syn: disdainfully, cavalierly]
  • circularly (definition)
    adv 1: in a circular manner
  • clearly (definition)
    adv 1: without doubt or question; "they were clearly lost"; "history has clearly shown the folly of that policy" 2: in an intelligible manner; "the foreigner spoke to us quite intelligibly" [syn: intelligibly, clearly, understandably] [ant: unintelligibly, ununderstandably] 3: clear to the mind; with distinct mental discernment; "it's distinctly possible"; "I could clearly see myself in his situation" [syn: distinctly, clearly] 4: in an easily perceptible manner; "could be seen clearly under the microscope"; "She cried loud and clear" [syn: clearly, clear]
  • cleverly (name) (definition)
    adv 1: in a clever manner; "they were cleverly arranged"; "a smartly managed business" [syn: cleverly, smartly]
  • curly (definition)
    adj 1: (of hair) having curls or waves; "they envied her naturally curly hair" [ant: straight]
  • daughterly (definition)
    adj 1: befitting a daughter; "daughterly affection"
  • dearly (definition)
    adv 1: in a sincere and heartfelt manner; "I would dearly love to know" [syn: dearly, in a heartfelt way] 2: at a great cost; "he paid dearly for the food"; "this cost him dear" [syn: dearly, dear] 3: with affection; "she loved him dearly"; "he treats her affectionately" [syn: dearly, affectionately, dear]
  • disorderly (definition)
    adj 1: undisciplined and unruly; "disorderly youths"; "disorderly conduct" [ant: orderly] 2: in utter disorder; "a disorderly pile of clothes" [syn: disorderly, higgledy-piggledy, hugger-mugger, jumbled, topsy-turvy] 3: completely unordered and unpredictable and confusing [syn: chaotic, disorderly]
  • pearly (name) (definition)
    adj 1: of a white the color of pearls [syn: pearly, pearly- white] n 1: informal terms for a human `tooth' [syn: chopper, pearly]
  • surly (definition)
    adj 1: inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace; "a surly waiter"; "an ugly frame of mind" [syn: surly, ugly]
  • angularly
  • binocularly
  • burley (name) (place)
  • dapperly
  • girlie
  • girly
  • swirly
  • curlee
  • adderley (name)
  • birley (name)
  • brearley (name)
  • cearley (name)
  • curley (name)
  • hurley (name) (place)
  • kearley (name)
  • kerley (name)
  • kirley (name)
  • shirley (name) (place)
  • shirlie
  • shurley
  • turley (name) (place)
  • verley
  • akerley
  • mccurley (name)
  • burleigh (name)
  • vicarly
  • ackerley (name)
  • ackerly
  • dunkerley (name)
  • weckerly
  • quakerly
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